How can I learn to be a teacher on minecraft?



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    Wendy Gorton

    Hey Patrick! So excited that your stepson showed you the magic of Minecraft!

    Does your school have Minecraft:Education Edition?  You can check here by putting your school email in. Let us know!


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  • Patrick Conrad

    Hi Wendy, thanks for your comment.

    Currently, I am not a teacher by profession. I have experience teaching preschool in Taiwan for two years. Since then I have been working on farms as a volunteer coordinator.

    I would like to get back into education as a profession, specifically within online learning.  We are now seeing it become an accepted medium.

    I was wondering if there are opportunities for homeschooling with Minecraft Education Edition. Or even as a medium for tutoring.


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  • Kyle M

    Thanks Patrick Conrad,

    Thanks for getting back to us! All users need to have a valid Office 365 education account to play. This usually comes from a school or other educational org. If your son has an email from his school you can check the eligibility here:

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