The Chromebook Release (version 1.14.31) feedback thread

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  • Arif Ziqqri Omar

    could you please put the 1.14 update in mincraft how does my freind get it


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  • CarrieD

    Arif Ziqqri Omar this page has all the details about how to get the new release:

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  • Peter Knierim

    We were running the beta version on our chromebook with no issue. After updating to 1.14.31 we can't seem to login. MEE loads up to the "sign-in or demo page". when we click sign-in, it says "sign-in required" and moves through a couple of screens. I assume this is were it would jump to the mircosoft login screen but it just cycles back to a "sign-in required" screen saying "we cannot connect to the service you need right now. Please check your internet connection and try again". This screen has a sign-in button and when clicked it just cycles back to the same page. I am posting this on the same chromebook and there is no issue with out internet.

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