I write an extension -- ebuilder for Minecraft EE



  • Kyle M

    Thanks for sharing!

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  • Bertrand BOUGE


    I'm Brother Bertrand,
    New participant to the #MIE Expert programm for 2020-2021
    I'm very interesting in coding Minecraft Education and teach with it in High School Maths and computer science.

    I'm going to read your program. 

    Would you have documentation about extension... I don't find yet. I'm so great to find your "recent" post.

    Fr. Bertrand



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  • L Magi

    Just send mail to me  or post the problem here if having any question

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  • L Magi

    Bertrand Bougé 

    Thu, Aug 6, 5:25 AM (3 days ago)


    Dear Magi,

    I’m Brother Bertrand, From Antony, South of Paris, France

    I just discovered your work on the Minecraft Education community. Very interesting.

    I am participating to the Microsoft Innovative Educators Expert program for 2020-2021

    I want first to present to the student (16 years old) the Maths program and the Computer Science program with Minecraft.

    I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed by the lake of documentation :

    For example I have not read yet that there is a difference between a method to payer_on_chat() and a basic function. Any I solved it writing

    Here is my (very small) work ! https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkbR0UiK-Eh-i6lD2TYecRGTyCxKPg?e=aC70sH

    I would be very please to follow you and learn from you, and may be share few ideas I could have later.

    Happy to know you,

    Your Truly,

    Brother Bertrand

    Xiaobo Liu <magilisaau@gmail.com>

    Thu, Aug 6, 10:28 PM (3 days ago)


    to Bertrand

    I am very pleased to receive your mail, teaching students coding by minecraft is a very good idea, I think.

    I have read your code, Maybe the version of your minecraft is different from mine, because some functions  are different, for example,  the function position.get_pos() is replaced by position.get_value() in my environment. I think you may encounter the same problems when importing my code . my version is as follows. minecraft v1.12.60 on windows10 , but it doesn't  much matter.

    And you mentioned that the lack of document is troubling you. do you mean the lack of document for the basic functions in minecraft EE?  there is a help iron for every function, just click it for help. 

    or do you mention thre is no documents for my code ebuilder ?  If so, don't hesitate to let me know the exact questions. 

    Finally,look forward to your sharing your ideas with me.  and if you have any question, just let me know.

    Best regards,

    Magi, Liu


    Xiaobo Liu <magilisaau@gmail.com>

    Fri, Aug 7, 7:56 AM (2 days ago)


    to Bertrand

    Hi Bertrand,

    buildAssistant.py in the attachment is a python version of ebuilder, copy the code into your makecode and it can work. no requirement for  any extension.

    Best regards,



    Xiaobo Liu <magilisaau@gmail.com

    Bertrand Bougé

    Fri, Aug 7, 3:04 PM (2 days ago)


    Dear Magi,

    Thanks a lot. I going to read it carefully. It seems to me that is a very good lesson on programming Minecraft with python

    Thanks to you I also see I wrote lake instead of lack ! 

    What I wanted to point out is that the Minecraft Python is a translation of javascript, and keep some differences that are not visible when I write the code, but are uncompilated.


    For example

    This is a small program, in scratch

    (I’m French  )

    This is the javascript code

    player.onChat("run", function () {

        player.tell(mobs.target(LOCAL_PLAYER), "This is a method of player")


    function example () {

        player.tell(mobs.target(LOCAL_PLAYER), "This is a real funtion")



    And in Minecraft Python

    def on_chat():

        player.tell(mobs.target(LOCAL_PLAYER), "This is a method of player")

    player.on_chat("run", on_chat)

    def example():

        player.tell(mobs.target(LOCAL_PLAYER), "This is a real funtion")


    On mine craft there is no difference when I read it.


    If I call each one, I’ll have an error

    The problem which is very clear in javascript code, need to be more than beginner in Python.

    As I want my students learn programming in python, I’m not sure I’ll use Minecraft, on this particular point.

    Anyway, it is not a big deal, and I have no idea how Microsoft could solve it !!!


    What is troubling me is the “lack” of documentation. I did not find this restriction on Forums, or anyplace.

    Thanks for sharing

    Have a nice day.

    Fr. Bertrand   

    Xiaobo Liu <magilisaau@gmail.com>

    Fri, Aug 7, 4:20 PM (2 days ago)
    Hi Bertrand ,
    try to delete the last line, the function used by player.on_chat can't be used in other place, I don't know why minecraft python has this restriction.
    minecraft python seems only support a part of the python syntax  and  a small subset of python functions.  I also didn't find any document about this.
    I think minecraft doesn't support python very well, a very clear example is, when the python code exceeds several hundreds, the compiling time is very very slow. but javascript has no such problems.
    but on the other hand, use minecraft to teach a computer language is a good idea, because it can show students how powerful  the program is.  and it is much more interesting than just writting code in some IDE such as Pycharm.   
    When I wrote python code for minecraft in the beginning, I had the same trouble as you.  after a time, I got  used to it. So it is really not a big problem.
    Kind regards


    Bertrand Bougé

    Sat, Aug 8, 5:07 AM (1 day ago)


    Dear Magi,

    Thanks for your explanations. I don’t know where I read it, but Minecraft BedRock eems to be developed with javascript.

    So may be, I’ll use it to show my students that javascript is not a language just for HTML ! (as I poorly believe before Minecraft !)

    I have something unusual, I did not notice yesterday. That is true I obtained a new version of MEE (1.14.31). I like the design, especially for the commands !

    Here is my problem !

    As I used golden boots once, they don’t appear any more on the inventory.

    As I am a cool mode (I don’t know the name in English), I can open with E the inventory and take 64 more boots… Strange isn’t ?

    I would like also make a minor suggestion for the presentation. May I do it ? And how do you want I do it ? Through mail, through post on Minecraft  community blog


    through… anything else ?

    And If you don’t, please, fell free to tell me it.

    Xiaobo Liu <magilisaau@gmail.com>

    1:05 AM (9 hours ago)
    Dear Bertrand,
    I download the same version as yours, The same problem occurs, I think it’s because MineEE 1.14 changed the behaviour of right-click, I am looking for a solution for this, it will be ok soon.
    and can I post the mail content to the forum? so other people can find useful information if they have the same problems.

    Xiaobo Liu <magilisaau@gmail.com>

    9:55 AM (29 minutes ago)
    to Bertrand
    Hi Bertrand,
    I knew the reason, it's nothing about the code. in minecraft1.14, when right-click boots in the inventory , the boots will be put on the player, and the boots on the player will be put into the inventory. ,
    if in the beginning the player doesn't wear boots. then the inventory slot will be empty.  That's the behaviour of the minecraft 1.14. 
    The solution is to replace boots with another block, here I replace golden boots with gold ingot,, and replace the iron boots with iron ingot. see the attachment.
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  • L Magi

    To Bertrand, 

    by the way, you can read several functions code first,

    push_mark, pop_mark, on_build_wall, build_wall_from_marks, on_build_wall_handle


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