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  • Andrew Forgave


    Interesting idea. 

    The original #MinecraftEDU Java-mod from @TeacherGaming had an “information block” that was blue with an encircled letter i on the faces. You could place the block wherever you wanted to provide more information than a sign would hold. When you right clicked on the block, it would expand a text page which could hold a paragraph or two of information. My students used this at the time to create an annotated “virtual museum” world.  It was less obtrusive than the current larger signs that exist in M:EE. If you didn’t want the information you didn’t click on the block, and carried on your way.

    The paintings that currently post in Minecraft are randomly selected, however it is possible to edit the PNG image file within which the paintings are stored so that you can have custom images on the walls— You just need to be patient in randomly placing and breaking and replacing paintings until you get the one you want. The Custom Paintings Java-mod has gained some penetration for education in the Java Minecraft because it allows you to import images and place them in the same way that the native paintings work in Minecraft. On Bedrock (and thus M:EE), you could creating a custom Resource Pack to introduce images of your QR codes, assuming that they maintain the resolution needed for scanning with a phone.

    My one question with the idea would be would be to ask why and when someone would be navigating in Minecraft and need to use a second device (camera-enabled) to access Flipgrid? Could you not alternatively use a command block or NPC to provide the link to engage with Flipgrid on the same device? 

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  • Kyle M

    Great idea Neil Selby.

    I'll be sure and share this with our extended Team!

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  • turanyum

    The idea of the QR code is pretty good. As Andrew Forgave has stated, the command block and NPC can be used for connection from the same device.

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  • Barri Mock

    I'm upvoting this too. QRBlock would take this to another level of linking. Paste code. Appears on block in game.

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