How to unsave recent builds or destruction



  • Kyle M

    HI Ibrahim Ibrahim,

    Thanks for posting, you have a few tickets on this one too!

    You can't unsave. In the future be sure to export and save your worlds so you can go back at a later time.

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  • Patrick Arlea

    While there is no way to undo this I have a practice in place that works very well.

    I have created a folder in my Google Drive called Minecraft Worlds that I upload saved worlds to at the end of every day. I make sure I renamed them with the current date in the save name as well. This allows me to only lose a day when something gets destroyed. I just reload the previous days world and go from there.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Adam Casbarian

    I learned this the hard way as well.  The "make a copy" feature in your game settings is a great way to make a copy.  Now, when I create a lesson I really like, I make that game my template and I only work within copies just so I don't mess anything up.  I can always make the new version the template but otherwise you're out of luck unless you do something like what Patrick suggested.

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