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  • Tim Sutherland

    Hi Brian,

    You can download a full curriculum for computer science in MinecraftEdu here: https://education.minecraft.net/class-resources/computer-science-subject-kit/

    This includes plenty of lesson which you could go through on your own - there aren't solutions to the challenges (as far as I can tell) but there is more than enough to get you started with the regular activities.

    As for your tower example, there are a couple of ways to do it. Assuming you've completed the Mega Jump tutorial and understand how parameters work, you should be able to get it going. No logic commands are required!

    Try loading the "Agent Tower" example in Code Builder and adding a parameter, which can be used in the first Repeat loop. Then add a little extra code at the end to place a torch. Alternatively, a single "fill with..." code block could build an entire tower, and a "place..." code block could place the torch.

    All the best with your coding journey!

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