What do you want to see in a Yotube channel about Minecraft



  • Jelle de Graaf

    Hi Yunus,

    I do want to know your channel name! But for what kind of content works for a youtube channel? Everything! As long as we are getting entertained or trainec it does not matter: a survival series, redstone machines, playing maps others made, make maps, make tutorials, etc. Choose wich one YOU like the best! Im very interested what you are gonna do.

    Greetings, Jelle


    edit: I would like a survival series or redstone tutorials.


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  • Yunus Emre ÇALIK

    Thank you Jelle,

    I mostly prefer basic tutorials for beginner in Turkey most of the people do not know how to use Minecraft in Class. Thats why i have a concept Minecraft in one minute. Trying to record one min or less videos to expleain basic and key features. Also as a ICT teacher i have some code connection videos in my channel. Some of them have English subtitles but most of them is Turkish but completely understandable.

    Thanks for your response

    This is the channel link:


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