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  • Kyle M

    Hello Christoph Peters,

    Thanks for touching base about remote learning.  This week, Minecraft Education announced that we'll be opening access to Minecraft: Education Edition to all teachers and students with Office 365 Education access through the end of June.  We created a remote learning toolkit to help connect educators and parents to learning resources.  You can get more details from this blog post:

    We realize that multiplayer scenarios from home networks can be challenging, and will help troubleshoot where we can. We are thinking a lot about what we can do to help families through these tough time.  Thanks for bringing this back to our attention.

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  • Timothy Handley


    Minecraft is a wonderful thing, and the newly opened access to M:EE is a wonderful kindness. At the same time, I'm having severe difficulties figuring out how to set up a cloud-based server. I notice that, ten months ago, Microsoft blogged about a 'successful' pilot project where schools could use Azure to run M:EE servers (link). Yet, there is no easily available solution today.

    Yesterday, I attempted to create a VM in Azure to do this, to no success. A standard D2s v3 (2 vcpus, 8 GiB memory) hit 100% CPU usage the moment I launched M:EE, with zero players. So there is something I'm not understanding.

    Kyle M - If you could simply reinstate that pilot program, and add a M:EE server to the list of VM's available on Azure, I believe this would solve all my problems. And perhaps help others (ex: @Christophe Peters) as well.

    Absent that, specific guidance on appropriate provisioning for an affordable M:EE server would be greatly appreciated.

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  • CarrieD

    Timothy Handley - Thanks for your feedback!  The Azure VM experience for Minecraft: Education Edition was a pilot program, and while it provided valuable information to our team, it's no longer active. We appreciate your interest in the program, as well as your feedback. It's helpful for our team as we think about priorities moving forward. If you're interested in remote learning opportunities, you can set up multiplayer games using Minecraft: Education Edition. This guide has guidance on how to host and join multiplayer games, as well as troubleshooting information for helping manage students' home networks:

    Feel free to weigh in on this thread in our Product Feedback forum. This is a great way for our product planning team to see how important this feature is to our community.


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