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    Kyle McMurtry

    HI Chris, PPT recording is a popular choice.



  • Michael Knowlton

    Hi Chris, 

    How about if they used PowerPoint's Screen recording feature? Technically, you can have all your students edit the same Powerpoint- so they could record their screen and drop it in a class PPT as a slide to demonstrate mastery. 

  • Chris Fuge

    That worked great. No lag. Thanks!

    Is there a way to get the file out of PPT? I would like to have students practice video editing with clips of their projects...

  • Michael Knowlton

    Thank you, Chris. I am happy to help. In order to get the file out of PPT, try right-clicking the video, then select "Save Media As." 

  • Chris Fuge

    Great! Thanks. I saw that but only saw "media file" as a file type. But it worked great and was an mp4.

  • Chris Fuge

    FYI, I ended up using the screen recording tool on the gamebar. All you do is press Windows + G and it opens up. Super easy to record things in Minecraft. Then it dumps the recordings into your video folder under Captures. Exactly what I needed for students to create their own animated Minecraft movie. Videos are nice and smooth without lag. There's even a cool feature that will automatically save the last 2 minutes of gameplay so if something cool happens (or someone is messing with your world) you just press Windows + ALT + G.

  • Michael Knowlton

    Thank you, Chris. Great feedback! 

  • Arianna Pinto

    Their is a easy way to reocrd you need to use screencastomatic it klets you record for free for about 15:00 mins and you can edit it if you buy it but if you download it it will let you use it for free ! FYI im a student i dont reaklly like this minecraft education edition because you can not play so long only like 10 trials i hate this but i wiulll get a linces one day att school so I can play minecraft forever muahahhahahahahha

  • Bobby Lewis

    I would love to see a feature in Minecraft that would allow students to record a short video clip. 

  • Samuel Wright

    A feature to record inside of Minecraft, as part of the portfolio feature, would be amazing. Right now I have kids use Screenflow.  I own the full version but with a free trial copy, you still get full functionality. 

    With my music projects, you can then add your own soundtrack or edit the footage with voice-over. Alternatively, you can use ExplainEverything on the iPad to edit Minecraft Pocket edition screen-videos. Have fun!

  • Matt Hains

    Hey there. I have tried everything, including the PPT Recording (which was much better) but the video is still incredibly laggy and choppy. Is there a setting somewhere I can disable or enable hardware acceleration for the computer or something?

  • Wagner Pierre

    My favorite is Screencastify, but here are some others...

  • Adrian GREIG

    Hi All,

    The Game Bar in Win10 seems to be inconsistent in some versions. I am starting get a message "this game does not allow recording" when trying to record it via Game Bar (i.e. Windows + G). I get it on both the older style Game Bar and the newer one as well. Anyone else seeing this? Is it a OS Build variation?? Anyone know?

    BTW I have used PPT screen recorder before as well. However, I do a lot of tutorials for teacher training and so bought a educator license for the Camtasia/ Snagit bundle. The video capture and post editing is great. But.. it is costly considering some options are free. I couldn't justify the costs for all students. So free options like GameBar, PPT recorder etc is what we tend to use.

  • Chris Fuge

    I prefer Camtasia for my own tutorial videos as well, but agree its not the most affordable option for student use. 

  • Colin Brennan

    I find the Game Bar in Windows 10 is enough. Just press WIN + G to open it. Has some shortcuts too: WIN+ ALT + R begins recording. Can also record with the Mic on as well as a broadcast option. Handy tip for making videos, in Minecraft press F1 to hide the HUD.

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