Capturing Video of Gameplay



  • M:EE Support
    It is a good suggestion - we know that the Windows Logo + G combination can be finicky and difficult to reproduce (this feels like a tech forum question at the heart of it), as it works well for some systems and not others, and even works for some instructors in other versions of Minecraft, but not Education Edition installed on the same machine.

    Still, we'll take this suggestion to heart, bring it to the team, and see what we can do to implement a solution that works reliably and consistently within the software if possible. In the meantime, there are software programs that can help with this (but in the interest of staying impartial, we throw debates of "the best one" to our community at large), as we know a solution on our end isn't always as easy as "just adding a few lines of code".

    Thanks for bringing this up, and for your patience and understanding!
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  • Jorge Rivera
    Try using the DVR option that is included in XBOX. It Works for me.

    Regards from Perú

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