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  • Gavin Myers

    I duplicated a code to help a friend learn, but I can't rename it, if that could be re-implemented that would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Andrew Forgave

    Hello Kyle! 

    I have looked for the "Save" option (under the gear menu) in various versions of Minecraft: Education Edition for Mac (even the current 1.14.3 beta) and it does not appear in the MakeCode interface. The About menu lists Microsoft MakeCode for Minecraft versions 1.4.10 and Microsoft MakeCode version 5.33.16.  When I check the Experimental features I see Microsoft MakeCode for Minecraft versions 1.5.29 and Microsoft MakeCode version 6.1.19. Neither interface shows the Save option.

    I have checked PC versions and the new Chromebook beta and see that the Save option is provided in both instances there. Both PC and Chromebook are accessing the same builds of MakeCode. 

    Is there a reason why I am not seeing the Save option on the Mac? I have installed M:EE for Mac (1.12.60 and 1.14.3) on two different machines and both display the same result -- no SAVE option.  

    I am also conscious that there is hobbled functionality with the access to the cloud-based Tynker coding platform, and that the and Scratch interfaces are not available within Codebuilder. Rather than having to rely on workarounds to transfer Project code between locations (sneakernet or accessing an unattributed URL) (say a student works on a project at home and then works on it at school), it would be great to have an account-based cloud-repository for student Project code that can be accessed whenever a student needs it. This also supports the student easilyreviewing editing code within a web browser when they do not have access to M:EE. 

    1) re-enable access to cloud-based coding accounts in Tynker, etc.
    2) establish a connection to the O365 account that is used to authenticate with M:EE
    3) consider a public facing (or if it has to be, tenet-limited) profile-based code sharing interface similar to what Scratch provides to allow for the sharing and remixing of Project code. 

    Thanks for all that you can do to better facilitate the management of Project code in Codebuilder!  


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