What's New: The Library Release (Version 1.12.60)




  • dale Ehrhart

    Would love to be able to load a Structure Block in EE.  It can be done in BE and Java.

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  • Slayde Kerner

    [Repost from other topic]

    PLEASE make it so when Minecraft Education is updating there is some sort of visual indicator.


    When updates come out the automatic updates delete the game files - while it is open. Which causes a bunch of texture issues. 

    Once you close the game, Minecraft is uninstalled leaving no trace that it is reinstalling in the next five minutes leaving teachers and student confused.

    This happens on computer start, when the game starts and most of the time while the student is in game! This is ridiculous!


    Also a "Check for updates" would be great. As some computers don't update automatically. Thanks!

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  • Kenneth Santiagopepin

    PLEASE why they don't let the people play the others world

    And how you change your  name 

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  • dato malania



    I try to write the text in Georgian, but I only see the question marks



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  • Ethan Haglund

    Will Minecraft Education Edition be receiving some of the upcoming bedrock updates like Buzzy Bees and the Nether Update? There are some pretty large bug fixes that I would like to see implemented into MEE even if it takes a little longer to arrive than it does for other platforms.

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  • ramu imza

    When does version 1.13 come out?

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