Supported platforms for Minecraft: Education Edition





    How can I get down minecarft Game

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  • Jason.Rousselle

    Will it be possible to play on Iphone and Ipod in a near future?  Many children have an Iphone or Ipod...not so many have an Ipad?

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  • Brian Kalbfus

    It might be useful to have a platform feature request page somewhere. There are a few zendesk tickets requesting android that I know of. I have to believe the demand is more than the few who were able to find and comment on those tickets.

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  • Jason Marroquin

    I am guessing they will never do an Android port because that would leave it open to someone making it work on the newer chromebooks which support the play store. 

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  • Richard Schwarz

    I'm thinking that the educational benefit of it being on the platform (android) most used in developing countries might help outweigh the political issues associated with that. PLUS, Microsoft stuff as a service appears to be the driver in their ecosystem at the moment, and this would help greatly.

    I'm in a school at the moment that has invested heavily in Chromebooks and there are many, many teachers who'd be wanting to license (i.e. pay for) Minecraft to use in their classes. 

    I think it's a pretty sound business decision to make it MEE available on Android.

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