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  • Phoenix Ortiz

    Hi, not sure if I can suggest notice of bugs in comments here or not but....


    There are a LOT  of bugs/problems that are involved with the snow biome. I'm just going to list them to make it easier for everyone here:

    1. Mob pathfinding breaks when snow reaches about 1 block height and up. This is a really annoying bug. If a mob walks into the snow and reaches an area of snow that has reached 1 block height, it turns in circles when it attempts to move from being attacked or trying to lure it (food/crops). I assume the pathfinding glitch is related to the block in front of the direction its moving since, if the mob is stuck and the block in front is broken, it is able to walk normally.

    2. Snow particles de-render. I have struggled to figure out the direct cause of this. It seems random, but it most definitely interacted with player movement. Basically, you are able to see snow particles, but if you walk around, the snow fall randomly disappears from your view. Usually you will still be able to see snow particles either glitching in "the distance" or glitching in and out of view around you, unless you walk out of a the "glitched" location you walked into. Not sure if there are specific location in biomes that do this, but it definitely occurs from position/elevation changes, whether it's random, I don't know.

    3. P L E A S E . ADJUST. SNOWBALL. DROPS. It is very hard to explain my frustration with this in a family friendly language but the amount of snowballs created from a 10x10 area of snow will absolutely destroy any spare space you had in your inventory. Here's a scenario: You've been in a snow biome for a while, snow has builded up quite high, and you want to clear it up. Solution: water bucket. Placing that water bucket in an area of snow is a death sentence for you inventory, because the amount of snowballs dropped when the snow is destroyed is EXCESSIVE. You have to walk around to avoid the snowballs and constantly drop out the ones that sucked into your inventory. And stacking up to only 16 doesn't help. All you can do is avoid the snowballs and wait until they despawn, which is quite annoying.

    4. Water physics gets awkward, especially with snow and edges. The new water physics added has been... annoying in a way. Water just doesn't make sense at all anymore. Just look at the screenshot.


    Hopefully this gets seen and acknowledged. If screenshots are needed I can try to take some of the scenarios that I explained, if needed.

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  • Guacamole Ni????A ??enis

    I have an issue where when I mining or breaking a block, the game will freeze for a couple seconds and everything but the sky will become black. please tell me how to fix.

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  • Baby Billie

    Now...I downloaded M:EE and it went pretty good, but the problem is that every time I double click it, it says "Minecraft: Education Edition has stopped working".

    I don't know if that problem is caused by me using Windows 7, but I hope I get some help.

    P.S: I downloaded M:EE for my brother and it worked, but he has a windows 7 too so I don't know how that works.

                                            Please help me with this problem! I really want to play Multiplayer with him!

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  • Pham Dai

    I had an issue when I open MCE in MacOS Catalina which is normal in older version.

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