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  • Evgenii Permiakov

    I would like to remove 15 apples from a player’s inventory only if there are 15 or more apples in this person’s inventory. Command /clear @p apple 0 15 will remove 15 apples if a player has 15 or more. However it will also remove 8, if a player only has 8. Is there a way to solve it?

    I am trying to check if a player has 15 apples in the inventory? From my research I found that Java edition of Minecraft allow a command /testfor @p {Inventory:[{id:minecraft:apple,Count:3b}]}. However MEE seems to have a different syntax for /testfor command. Does anyone now how to test the quantity of items in the inventory?


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  • Matthew Donaldson

    I agree with Evgenii, is there some way to achieve this without a complicated redstone machine item filter, I would love an easy way to create a trade system in a survival world. In the Java edition this can be done easily using the villagers trading system. However in Educaion there is no way to spawn in custom villagers that I know of. Please either add this as Evgenii mentioned or advise of a way to achieve this with the current Minecraft Education commands.

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  • Evgenii Permiakov


    After a serious of unsuccessful attempts, I finally have been able to create a sophisticated trading mechanics within Minecraft Education. Not without a long strings of command blocks though :( 

    This is a short list of transactions that are available in the world: 

    1) Students can interact with NPC traders to buy items on condition that they (students) have enough dollars (emeralds) in their inventory. 

    2) Students can interact with NPC traders to sell items in exchange for dollars (emeralds). 

    3) Students can interact with NPC to pay dollars (emeralds) get access to restricted areas (crafting / anvil stations) that are not otherwise available. 

    My plan is to record a YT walkthrough to showcase the mechanics of the world as well as to share the world file itself. 

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