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  • EJ Makela

    Hello! This article states, "Worlds from Bedrock can be renamed as .mcworld files at opened in M:EE." I've attempted to do this using the most recent versions I know of for M:EE (v1.12.60) and Minecraft for iPad (v1.14.30). I'm also assuming that the iPad software is considered to be Bedrock.

    Below are three inter-related issues that I've encountered, and I'd appreciate some advice in how I can open my current Bedrock worlds on the Education Edition. Note that we use Minecraft on our Macs and iPads. (We also have Windows 10 devices, but we don't own Minecraft for them.)

    Issue 1: I cannot locate an Import command in M:EE for iPad. As a workaround, I was able to locate the Bedrock world in the iPad file system. I copied it, compressed it as a Zip, renamed it as a .mcworld file, and saved a copy to a common location. However, when I attempted to open the world exported from Bedrock in my M:EE for iPad, I saw an error message: "A newer version of the game has saved this level. It cannot be loaded. Unable to connect to world." I presume that this means that either my M:EE is too old or my Bedrock is too new. Can someone confirm or suggest an alternative way to convert?

    Issue 2: The article states that "if you open a world from a file picker on your device the world will automatically generate." This did not work for me on the iPad. Instead I was shown a generic preview. However, I was able to confirm with Get Info that the iPad recognized it as a Minecraft World file.

    Issue 3: Unlike M:EE for iPad, M:EE for macOS does have an Import command. I attempted to perform my import on this platform, but also encountered an error. The message said, "Level import failed."

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  • I have also had the same issue with all 22 students at my classroom... They all have iPads and the app doesn't have an IMPORT Button.

    I asked them to download the .mcworld file directly from the original source: (Lesson) and when the file was downloaded and they tap on, it only came up as file details (see image attached).

    NO AUTOMATIC world import EVER Happened!

    I need inmediate support, there are 22 students awaiting for this issue to be solved.


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  • Test User

    I also have been struggling with similar issues on MacOS. I recently went here to download the International Space Station Challenge. When I attempt to open it/load it in M:EE I got the same exact error message mentioned in EJ's comment for Issue 1. I can't seem to resolve this despite numerous message board posts read and YouTube videos watched...

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